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  • sharukh

    March 23, 2022 at 5:28 PM

    The new age invention “internet” has changed the way we use and exchange the information. consequently, it has led to new difficulties, troubling people in an unexpected manner. internet’s lack of censorship and data responsibility are major hurdles of internet experience. this essay will discuss the problems and provide a logical solution.

    There are many difficulties caused by internet, however it is worth mentioning the generally observed problems. there are two crucial difficulties i.e., no censor and regulation of internet and data responsibility. some internet platforms restrict content and flag inappropriate posts. In fact, internet as a whole, is never censored, few countries like China and others do restrict people from accessing certain websites, but do not regulate the content available on internet. On the other hand, data responsibility is an unavoidable problem for authorities when battling fake news. whatever data created by people on internet like files, text, video and audio does not contain much information to track down the origin. it is copied multiple times by sharing. therefore, various platforms using different formats for their media usage alters data information and it becomes impossible to gather any details.

    However, these problems can be solved if they are taken seriously by global organizations. though few countries restrict some content, it is possible to eliminate and regulate all the inappropriate data. global organizations should take responsibility of regulating all data available on the internet and censor data to provide access, according to the age of the user. In addition, data uploaded on the internet by users can be held responsible if digital signatures are made compulsory to post content online and if self-declaration is also introduced to share or forward content found on internet.

    To conclude, internet is a great source of information of all kinds. although, it has brought along quite a few problems like lack of censorship and data responsibility with its advancement. they can be solved with collective measures like regulation by global organizations and implementation of digital signatures and self-declaration.

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