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  • Dhiraj

    March 25, 2022 at 10:12 AM

    The financial literacy is the essential for each individual’s life, if we introduce in the student’s curriculum it will help them to manage their finance in well planned manner, I will discuss the advantages of the money management in the following paragraphs.

    Money management is something which not everyone gets to understand easily however if we start teaching our kids about it from their high school age it will help them to manage their finances over a period and they can excel well in this era; financial literacy also helps them to understand the value of money, methods of savings, tax planning. If the young generation starts savings at the early stage they can create wealth over a period with the compounding of their savings, Apart, from this the savings habit will also help the national GDP to grow.

    There is a great saying from renowned investor Mr. Warren Buffet that “if you buy the things you don’t need today; you have to sale the things you need tomorrow”. So with the higher saving there is purchasing power however if we teach them at early age these individuals will not spend money on the unnecessary things which they don’t need. If the student’s start’s saving from early of their career they can create wealth over a period of time, the same will be helpful for them during the hardships of their life.

    To conclude the above, I agree that if the financial prowess is introduced in the school level, it will drastically change the society over a period of time; financial independence also brings joy and pride in individual’s life.

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