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  • kunsoth

    March 25, 2022 at 12:35 PM

    All children who are in high school should be trained in money management. This essay agrees with the argument that teaching youngsters about money is essential as it is a crucial skill for success in their future life.

    During teenage, all expenses of a student are met by their patents and hence they do not gain any experience in money management. Shortly after their teenage, these little ones will have to face real life where effective spending of money becomes a significant aspect of living. So, if proper training is provided for handling money at an early age, it can be beneficial for their future as well. For instance , a recent study conducted by the university of Delhi found that students who did not attend money management courses at school level were struggling to manage their income in future as well.

    After the school years, most of the students start earing by themselves. Contrary to the stage where they had to depend on elders for all needs, they reach a period where they have income of their own. If young people lack financial skills/ knowledge of how to use their money without saving any. So , If proper guidance on expense handling in included in school curriculum, this situation can be avoided. For example, the Time recently reported that most of the students who received training in income and savings paid on their own for their graduation.

    To conclude, all teenagers should be provided money management lessons in school. This can help them inn future and will also aid them in handling their income effectively.

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