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  • Neha

    March 28, 2022 at 8:50 PM

    The table shows the percentage of women in senior management positions from 1975-2015.

    Eldan Ltd. in 1975 is visibly lower percentage of 3% of women held senior positions in management. After 5 years the percentage has not been changed at all. In 1985 was increased up to 14%. In 1990 the percentage of seniors women was doubled by 28%. In the final year 2015, the results show enormous growth of 64% of women in senior department.

    On the other hand, In Finsbury Ltd., the number of women who held senior positions was 16% in 1975. The extremely high percentage for that year, in contrast with that in the following 10 years it noticed a little bit of dropped to that percentage. in 1990 has risen up to 22% and in the final year, they reached 26%.

    Looking at the Bamforth Ltd., the data shows us every year from 1975-2000 the women senior positions was increased by 2% every 5 years. However, in 2015 the women’s power in management reached 46%.

    Overall, seeing all the graphs data we can see Eldan Ltd. had the most significant rise in senior women management position in all these 10 years.

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