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  • Nikita

    March 29, 2022 at 1:54 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Iam Nikita Arora, residence of Royal City Appartments, which is right next your restaurant. Iam writing this letter to bring it into yours notice that we hear a lot of sound coming out from your restaurant.

    Its a very quiet neighbourhood and the volume of music from yours outlet is relatively high. There are students in the society who need to study , aged people who cant bear such loud noise, which is even not good for their health. I personally, cannot concentrate on my work lately.I raised the issue to your staff earlier but nothing has changed yet.

    i welcome your business but you should also consider the inconvenience caused to uus. i urge you to stop the sound post 23:00 hours and may be installed the sound proof glasses. As well, would really appreciate if you could ask your clients to keep their voices bit slow , as the tend to get loud after drinking.

    iam expecting that you will consider my request and solve the issue but in case if you will fail in doing the same , then i have to write a complaint letter to our local government body, so they can take some strict actions.

    Hoping for a consideration and immediate action regardig this matter from your side.

    Yours faithfully,

    Nikita Arora

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