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  • Siri

    March 30, 2022 at 1:10 AM

    Every living being on the earth needs food for their survival. As the population is increasing so does the demand for the food. It is more important to meet the demands of the food for increasing population. The international community must take necessary measure to meet the demands of food.

    One of the main reason for a rise in demand for the food is a growing population. The food produced is not sufficient for the entire population in the world. Nowadays, people are moving from rural to urban areas in search of new jobs in the cities, so the food producer or we say, the farmers are becoming less in count. As the food producers are less, the produced food is also less which is not enough to meet the needs of the world. Less food is causing more demand. Due to increase in urbanization these days, the land for producing food is becoming less. Other reason is wastage of food due to poor facilities to preserve food. so due to see the food is getting wasted and causing more demand.

    International communities must make more imports and exports of food in order to the demands. Agricultural countries like India, China must export the food to countries where the food demand is high. Government must provide funds to the farmers to improve the quality and the quantity of the food. Governments should also provide facilities to increase the production of the food. Awareness programs have to be conducted in rural and backward regions about how producing food is important.

    Food is important for survival. Due to increase in population, urbanization, poor facilities for storage and less funds from the government has led to more demand for food worldwide. So it is necessary to take necessary measure by the international communities and governments to meet the demand of the food worldwide.

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