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  • prashanth

    March 30, 2022 at 10:35 AM

    Spiral in world population is the most alarming issue because feeding such a large population needs more production, while some believe that genetically modified foods can be optimal solution to this problem. In my point of view, I think these GM modified foods can pose serious health issue to humans.

    To begin with, despite the fact that genetically modified foods can solve problem, but these foods are nurtured in such way to produce more yield in short span which can create food allergy who consume it. Furthermore, traditional cultivation can cease to end since most of them are cultivated in labs, yet these seeds are restricted to few companies. To illustrate, some research indicates GMO foods can trigger cancer cells in our body.

    On the other hand, genetically modified foods contain more nutrients which could be beneficial since a greater number of people are dependent on Vitamin tablets. Although GM modified crops are resistance to pests and can withstand all weather conditions, besides they require little water to cultivate them so maintenance can be bit costly, as it is still in early phase of scientific research which needs proper evidence to go into market. Nevertheless, governments should act swiftly to make legislation for birth control.

    To conclude, Though GM foods have advantages like more yield, short duration to cultivate, these are still in initial stages of research. In my opinion, there are alternative ways like population control, and increasing in production of more traditionally cultivated foods could solve this issue.

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