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  • Aanchal

    March 30, 2022 at 2:34 PM

    There is a conflict between two sets of people regarding who is responsible for excessive use of packing in products, they are sellers and manufacturers versus customers. Manufacturers and sellers are creators and consumers buy products eventually which are available to them whereas consumers are the one who influences the supply of products. In my view, both parties bears equal responsibilities. If unnecessary packing isn’t produce it will not be wasted and consumed and if consumer take a conscious decision of not buying those products which involve a lot packing then producer willn’t use lot of packing for there product.

    On one hand, sellers and producers are considered accountable for reducing the amount of packing required for selling commodities. Manufactures are the one who are making packing material from scratch, if the material isn’t made than there is no wastage as well. For instance, if goods are sold with the least packing in the market than consumers are left with no option but to buy them. Consequently, it will be beneficial for the environment.

    On other hand, consumers are held responsible for buying goods which has a lot of packing. Nowdays, people love all those fancy or extravagant packagings which makes products more desirable. Excessive packing are considered trendy and worthful, as it leaves an impression that the product is of high quality. Consumers are buying without putting much thought as to how these are impacting the environment. Consumers should realize that they are one’s for whom goods are made. If they would buy products mindfully then manufacturers will manufacture goods with least packing.

    In conclusion, sellers and consumers have a positive relationship, if demand increases then supply increaseS and if demand decreases then supply decreases. Both of them are wheels of a cycle who can together go long way and missing of one the wheel would disrupt their functioning.

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