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  • Rajakumar

    March 30, 2022 at 10:18 PM

    The demand for food has been increased worldwide due to less in supply, meaning demand is comparatively more than the supply. Reduction in supply is due to inadequate rain, drought and seasonal changes, increase in cost of farming, etc. The supply chain has also been disturbed worldwide for many reasons would include natural and manmade factors such as drought, water scarcity, war, etc.

    The supply and demand could be managed through the proper control of supply chain based on the population need and their expectation. International community as a whole should concentrate for rectifying these issues by providing proper plan to mitigate the disruptions in the food supply chain by drafting the consensus memorandum. Another way of mitigating the food demand could be managed the resources in an optimum way in terms of better management of technology and its uses.

    In conclusion, as an individual and group including all citizens should contribute to major level to meet the food demand by increasing the supply and using the food resources in an optimum way.

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