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  • tandra

    March 31, 2022 at 3:49 PM

    Human behaviour which creates problems for own or others is punishable behaviour.

    But question is that punishment or fear of punishment can change human behaviour?

    There are different types of punishment. Such as corporal punishment, financial punishment or emotional punishment. My perception punishment can’t change human behaviour.They will pretend that they changed. It impacts temporarily. But if we want to change permanently, we should go for the cause. Every thing happens cause and effect formula. Some are open some are hidden.

    Every life is important . Every life is unique. So our moto will to flourish every one.

    Our social awareness. Proper parenting, proper skill of living will remove this social hazards.

    No one left behind. No one born as criminal. Environment & nurturing makes them.

    So I believe right philosophy ,education, will transform our inner self.

    Only punishment will never change human behaviour.

    Thank you.

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