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  • Kiran

    March 31, 2022 at 7:45 PM
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    Fear of punishment should change human behaviour because it is the only way to feel guilty. Usually I see that many people cross red signal and they don’t feel bad .they don’t give any type of pantly than after what should we done ?

    I am suggesting one thing we are doing to give to knowledge of signal light . Parents should be strict with children for there mistakes.

    Second type of issue that rises many times in ours country is Rape in every city . Section 375 Indian penel code according to punishment to culprit it take more time. Person is free from rape case because it’s gave too much money .

    In these type of problem only one solution is there take decision fast and give severe punishment .

    We should guide ours Children’s about the lows and Respect the girls and some type of fear are there inside all person.

    Thank you.

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