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  • Sudhakar

    April 1, 2022 at 8:56 AM

    Finance management is crucial subject and introducing it in students early career helps them in prospering in life. I completely agree with this statement and in this essay, I will explain how the money management subject helps the students by providing better saving strategies, investment methods.

    Firstly, money management is not easy subject even people with great experience will mishandle it sometimes and face the crisis, hence it is required to teach it from the early days. This subject mainly focuses on different saving techniques like how to spend money wisely and only on products which are essential, so that people can take a decision between necessity and desire while purchasing. it enlightens the students on difference between assets and liabilities. In addition to that, it will also teach the different saving methods to live within one’s means to avoid midlife crisis. For example, my uncle who studied money management, spends money only on required goods and instils everyone that the goods which are not required for people should not be purchased even if they are offered in discounts.

    Secondly, students should have the knowledge on investment as it provides another source of income to lead a peaceful life. Hence, investment is more valuable than saving the money as it will make the money grow exponentially and becomes passive source of income. This knowledge also helps in understanding various investment methods like stock market, mutual funds and fixed deposits. For instance, my friend who studied finance has a vast knowledge on various investment strategies, so he invests money on stock market wisely to gain huge profits every quarter and now it is passive source of income.

    To conclude, I agree that money management subject should be taught early in students career so that it provides knowledge in money saving methods as well as investing strategies to lead a happy life.

    WordCount : 310

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