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  • Srikar Reddy

    April 1, 2022 at 4:31 PM

    These pictures illustrate how cement is produced, and how concrete is made. Overall, the process of making cement uses some tools and consists several stages, as the production of concrete requires only a mixer.

    At the first stage, limestone and clay are crushed through crusher machine and turned into powder. These powders are mixed together by mixer and sent into rotating heater which works with heat. After that these materials are gone into grinder and changed to cement which are packed in bags.

    Furthermore, in the concrete production, there are four main elements including: cement, water, sand and gravel. Each of them has a certain percentage to produce concrete with 15 percent cement, 10 percent water and sand and gravel percentages are 25% and 50% respectively. These materials are mixed together in a big concrete mixer which leads to producing concrete for building aims.

    In conclusion, it is clear from the diagrams that there are four important stages in cement production while concrete production has only one stage. More over, cement is produced by mixing two elements while concrete is produced by mixing four elements.

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