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  • Sudhakar

    April 6, 2022 at 8:57 AM

    These days, people are inclined towards the different cuisines from several countries, foreign food chains and this trend is increasing among people. The advancements in the globalization and transportation made import and export of various food items smoothly. Although this shift has few negative impacts but it carries great benefits.

    The globalization and technology have simplified the way how different countries can communicate and transport various food items. Globalization made the world as a small village therefore trade among countries increased greatly. Due to the advancement in technology, various freezing techniques have been invented to keep the food safe for many days without spoilage. A good illustration of this is India is exporting the spices to European countries via different seaways every year resulting in enjoying the Indian cuisines by them.

    To begin with, there are few negative impacts of importing foods from other countries such as expensive importing costs. Due to the fact that food has to travel from long distance, various freezing techniques need to be used. Hence government has to bear all these charges; however, it has many great benefits. Firstly, it allows the people to explore different cuisines from various countries which provides an opportunity to explore their culture. Secondly, people can experience variety of fruits or foodstuff which are not only grown in their own country but also from other countries. For instance, India is importing Arabian dates every year which are only grown in middle east so that Indians can relish the other country dates.

    To summarise, Due to the progression in globalization and transportation, nowadays it is possible to experience the different cuisines from all over the world; even though it is expensive, it provides great benefits of enjoying the food from abundant regions as well as understanding their culture.

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