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  • Nihar

    April 6, 2022 at 3:26 PM

    Nowadays lot of people like to travel and they like to share the experience with other. One such experience they want to share is of cuisine, the kind of food the eat what are the ingredients used and how it taste like, there has been a increase in trend that many people are prefer to consume cuisine from different parts of the world than locally prepared food. In my opinion, this is a positive trend to support international trade and to satisfy people’s taste buds.

    Due to globalization and ever increasing use of social media platform many individual are directly or indirectly promoting different types of cuisine and it is promoting different types of culture because food and culture are inter-related. For example if a student travels to other country for studies then by eating the countries cuisine will help him to understand countries culture which will help him adjust in the environment without much efforts.

    It is certainly a good development for international trade as it increase there base across the globe. For example X is the food chain of country A and it opens a franchise in country B, so people will be able to explore the cuisine of country A and also they can add some local dishes and add some other cuisine and create a new dish.

    To conclude globalization has a positive impact on food and beverage industry as well as it is allowing people to try different types of cuisine and learn some new things about other cultures.

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