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  • Anees

    April 7, 2022 at 10:30 PM
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    Advertisement have a very important role in today’s world and it’s just for promoting our product wether the product is good or we are creating a gimmick to sale it . sometimes we know that the product is not good for the health of people and we also know that every body knows this fact But still we created advertisement like a gimmick to attract the people towards our products.

    For Example:

    Although we all know that processed foods are not good for our health. Here I’m advertising for a newly launched potato chips (Halka phlka).

    Hey ! Do u know about Van Goghs potato eaters?
    No problem! Now everyone is going to b a potato eater .
    Now First time in the market
    100% natural, appetizing , mouth watering
    And crispy Potato chips. Halka Phulka !
    You can have it even if you are on a diet.
    No added colour
    No preservatives
    Trans fat free
    Colestrol free.
    Yah! I know now u r searching about Van Gogh’s potato Eater.
    Halka phulka khao knowledge barhao.

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