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  • Rama Laxmi

    April 8, 2022 at 9:38 AM

    Dear Sapna,

    Hope you are doing great in your health and career. In our college days, you gave a splendid support to the staff for college advertisement in social media. I am writing this letter to seek your help to develop a website for my new business.

    Recent years were not so good for me to manage both job and family. So, I had decided to switch my career towards the bakery business. Yes, this was done by my grand parents earlier and my parents didn’t take it forward. There was no shop for snacks or bakery eatables at the place where we live. Either we must go searching for almost 2 kms or we must order online, though it won’t be warm enough to eat. It’s been almost 6 months over that I have started this business and now I am starting a new branch due to the increase in popularity.

    Due to the vast increase in modern technology and social media, I feel advertisement is needed even for my business. I want you to help me about creating website by which everyone can know what our business is about, and the quality of food that we provide and how hygiene we maintain our premises.

    To help you out on the same, I am sending you the couple of pictures related to my business. Few of our friends suggested to start the door delivery facility and soon I am going to implement that idea.

    With loads of love,


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