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  • Shubhangi

    April 12, 2022 at 5:11 PM

    International Aid play a major role in globlization, it build strong connection between countries. Nowaday, every country is finding useful resources for their econimic growth. The government of these countries use this resources for earning money in order to make progress and provide international aid to the needy country. But some individuals believe that their nation’s government should not spend on international aid . I disagree with the statement and will provide credible reasons to prove.

    Firstly , i think that providing international aid is type of charity too , it will help the country itself becouse this can strengthen their relationship , with other nations and will open a door to many opportunities. When richest country provides health and education to the poor country automatically this will create more jobs and recruite people within a country which solve problem of unemployment from their nation. Morover, working with such country will passes good quality of knowledge from diffrerent field and creat many opportunities in different sector. Further open more sectors and setting up industies in various nations will turn out to be in profitable fot the nations.

    Where as, sending help in natural calamities like earthquake, floods, etc. Are uncontrolable calamities in such situations providing assistance means humanity. Every country should have seperate foreing aid account for the sake of humanity. This can help the suffered nations recovered fast. In return developed countriey can have some share of their resources which can give profits to them , for example USA owned some share from poor country and china also owned some lands in return. This types of terms and condition will benifit both the lands . by the period of time poor countries will pay their debt and have their resources back.

    In a nutshell, it creat helthy environment in the world , in such crises developed countries show their responsibility towords poor countries, in return we could save many lives of citizens in dangerous contditions.

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