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    April 12, 2022 at 8:54 PM

    Nowadays, Countries spend more money on International Aid, Since these contributions helps countries to strengthen their relationship with other countries, but some people believe government should not spend money in funding other nations, while there exist major unresolved problems in their own land such as unemployment, homelessness, poverty and other basic needs which can be mitigate using g the money spend on International Aid. I believe its absolutely necessary for a Nation to support the subordinate countries by funding them via International aid, In order to establish friendly relationships with them.In the following paragraphs, I shall discuss why it is important to provide Monetary aid to other nation.

    To begin with, generally International Aid’s are provided to other countries which are currently facing issue due to some natural calamities, catastrophe, inflation etc.These funds support the people’s of the nation to over come the struggle, also helps the government to strengthen their economy, and support them to contribute again to the global development.These funding actually develops friendly relationship with the other countries and also improves the privilege of the nations since it is contributing to the Global welfare. For Example, Countries which supported other countries by providing will be recognised by people all over the world and that improves the Nations business relationship and trading with other countries.

    More over, It has a mutual benefit of getting such aids from the other countries too while our Nation is facing financial issues. More over, It also improves countries economic privilege and social status of the countries which helps in future joint ventures or creating some beneficial business by collaborating with other nations.However, some people might feel these can be invested in the growth of their own nation, but the benefits of international funding are noteworthy.For Example, Many countries got International aid from developed counties during the recent COVID-19 outbreak, which helps them to rebuild their economy that has been heavily damaged due to the pandemic

    To summaries, Investment on International aid helps the countries with mutual benefits, It helps both country to prosper financially via trading and joint ventures and also contributes to healthy relationship with the neighbouring countries.

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