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  • Ashley

    April 13, 2022 at 11:46 AM

    Nowadays foreign education has become very popular.Many parents are willingly happy to send their children to foreign countries to experience international culture and their nature.

    Still there are several positive facts after studying abroad,multiple employment opportunities are open depending upon their educational backgrounds.In addition people from all over the world come to the respected universities as they get to know about each other cultures, languages and they interact with each other.Another advantage is that many big universities offer certain cultural groups so that other people can learn about that so they can feel good.Moreover some universities call their alumni to share their experience about their study life so the upcoming future graduates will get some ideas.

    On the other hand,some children might be facing problems because of discrimination especially at their workplaces where they do part time jobs.Another disadvantage is the higher cost of living in some cities because some people cant afford it.Some of the children often felt homesick because of staying away from their families and this causes to worry the parents about their children whether they’re taking care or not.

    To summarize,it is very important for parents to research about the particular country before sending their children and to make a backup plan if certain issues are going to happen in near future.

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