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  • Koppolu Preethi

    April 13, 2022 at 3:02 PM

    The given statement clearly states that communication through text messaging and other instant forms of online communication are small and basic way.This has lead some people to think that it is not being used in proper format causing the death of grammar and spellings. According to me, this has got both merits and demerits. In upcoming paragraphs I shall elaborate my opinion on positive side and negative side as well.

    To start with, the positive side of Online communication is time saving and comfortable way of approach. Nowadays, internet has become global means of communication in our everyday lives and on top it technology also added together and this has made made online platform popular and much easier way to perform communication.This has connected people from all corners of the world together.The main positive aspect is it is time effective and cost effective. For example, during our busy schedule usually we do not have leisure time to travel for long distance to meet our close ones. Hence, during this time we can do online conversation via texting and video calls, attending conference’s right away without much efforts.This will ultimately makes our life simpler by saving lot of time.Recently usage of online platform has became very important during lockdown situation where almost every profession has used online platform for basic and official communication.

    On other side, there are few reasons which shows that online conversation has negative sides. People started communicating using online platform in much easier way by making the conversation too simple, small and very basic type.In this aspect they forgot to think of language significance, grammar, spellings and many more standard rules. Thus communication via online and text messaging has made people to forgot exact format of English and standard way of making sentences. In future this will cause damage to

    To conclude, I fell like online communication represent both the positive and negative aspects. Because, on one side, this becomes source cost and time effective, on other side language is getting screwed in many ways.

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