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  • Sudhakar

    April 14, 2022 at 9:21 AM

    Studying abroad has been a trend in recent days, many parents wish to send their youngsters to foreign countries; even though, it has numerous benefits, it also carries obstacles. In this essay I will discuss both positives and negatives of this movement.

    To begin with, studying in foreign countries opens plethora of opportunities to work in abroad otherwise which would be very difficult. In addition to that, it helps in exploring the different cultures, languages, traditions consequently assist in building the strong network. For instance, my friend who used to be shy now after moving to abroad for studies has broaden his horizons and now, he boasts about his prominent knowledge, variety of cultures and myriad of friend circle from across the countries.

    However, sending children to foreign countries for their education has certain drawbacks as well. Firstly, it can make some of the youngsters as home sick due to the fact that they have to miss their parents to be independent, and do all house hold chores which is an ordeal task. Secondly, parents have to go through lot of mental trauma while no one takes care of their children. As an example, my uncle who sent his daughter to China for her Post graduation in medical course, is always be in stress about her wellbeing.

    To summarize, sending offspring to abroad has a great benefits of better job opportunities and acquiring more knowledge about numerous cultures; However, parents should be well aware of the fact that they have to be emotionally strong, and encourage their children to be tenacious to complete their education.

    WordCount : 265

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