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  • Nihar

    April 14, 2022 at 10:01 AM

    In last decade or so we have seen many students are going to foreign countries to pursue their higher studies like master’s with support of their parents. In this essay we will discuss both benefits and drawbacks of this trend.

    On one hand, many people think that going to a foreign country require a lot of capital investment due to which many parents have to burden themselves with bank loan. In addition to this many student after completing their studies are not able to find jobs which in fact degrades both mental and physical well being. For example, In some countries like Germany most of the course are available in German language and the local population only speaks German so it becomes difficult to communicate with the local population.

    On the other hand, the standard of living of students increases as they have access to good quality education , excellent health facilities for them as well as for their parents. For example in countries like Australia if both children have Permanent Residency than their Parents automatically get Citizenships without any hassle which secure future of their parents as they don’t have to live far away from their kids. Other then this many students who are not able to fund their studies are given scholarships from the government and the Universities. In addition to all these student are given accommodation, groceries are at lower rates. There are many student unions and organization within the University that helps them to find jobs or fight against any type of exploitation.

    To sum up, although their are some drawbacks such as expensive price, they are perhaps outweighed by the material advantages like job opportunities, Student will have a better future if they study overseas.

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