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  • Siri

    April 14, 2022 at 10:01 PM

    Nowadays, urbanization is increasing drastically. In search of new jobs and quality education, young people are migrating from rural to urban areas.. Though, moving to cities has many advantages but it also comes with disadvantages. In the following paragraphs, I would like to give my reasons for advantages and disadvantages of migrating.

    To begin with, In comparison to rural areas , cities provide a lot more opportunities to many young people. The young people are more attracted because the educational institutions in cities provides a stellar education, better research facilities and a good exposure to the world. Cities usually provide a diverse environment which helps one to grow and learn in life. The income one could earn is much high in cities, as most of the multinational companies are situated in the developed areas.For example, based on the recent survey conducted by the universities, has shown that many young people migrating from native places to cities has increased to 35%, when compared to last 10 years.

    However, Young people move to cities with more expectations but in reality, the problems they face are much more worse. Due to increase in population in the cities, the employment rate is decreasing. In cities, fraud activities takes place regularly.Moreover, Young people who moved from their native places to cities, has to work hard to catch up with the urbanites. Most of the migrated young people, finds difficult to survive in the city environment.

    In conclusion, Urbanization provides lot of employment opportunities and a good education to young people but they must be aware of the difficulties and fraud activities they had to face.

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