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  • Krithiga

    April 15, 2022 at 1:46 AM

    Nowadays, pursuing education overseas is becoming increasingly popular. Parents are highly encouraged to send their wards for higher studies to any reputed institute by which they would gain international exposure and confidence. This trend would create certain benefits, however there are some drawbacks to be considered.

    On the one hand, there are myriad advantages to studying abroad. To begin with, students get high quality of education and as a result, they end up getting highly paid jobs and live a standard life. For instance, in many developing regions such as Africa parents sacrifice their facilities of life and send their offspring to overseas to pursue higher education. Thus, the percentage of individuals who give priority to attain foreign degrees for their young ones is rising day by day. Secondly, besides attaining degrees students also come across many different languages which are very beneficial for their future career. For example, many people studying abroad learn fluent English which is an international language. Owing to this, a person’s confidence level increases and feels more independent.

    On the other hand, spending time studying overseas also has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, most youngsters feel upset when they are living far from their families and are suffering from homesickness ,therefore, they cannot concentrate on their studies. One clear example is that majority of students after immigration for their studies can not study and work, as a result, they get very poor grades and ultimately waste their time as well as money. Secondly, parents have to pay a huge amount of money for their course fees as well as for the cost of living. Furthermore, even if their children win a scholarship, the cost is still unaffordable because of the disparity in currency values between countries. For instance, one year of Post Graduate course study in Canada which includes accommodation and tuition fees, costs over 3 thousand CAD per year approximately.

    In conclusion it can be inferred that besides advantages of going to foreign countries, there are some disadvantages as well. However parents should groom their children wisely from the beginning and not spoon-fed them, so that they can enjoy the benefits of studying in other countries as well.

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