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    April 15, 2022 at 9:10 PM

    In recent times, people prefer shopping over online platform more than buying items from wholesale or retail stores. This shift in consumer behaviour has huge impact on the income of In-store shopping, especially on small and mid level stores.On the other hand it provides tremendous job opportunities and helps the nation by contributing to unemployment.In the follow paragraphs, shall discuss on the impact of the online shopping as well the demerits and job opportunities it provides.

    To begin with, Increasing in number of consumers towards purchasing commodities through online applications and websites has heavily impacted minor and midlevel offline stores business.Most People’s especially in urban areas prefer online shopping, since this reduce and saves their time on day to day basis.It also easy for everyone to check on all the different kind of products available on the market by surfing over the internet and it also help them in finding the right product based on customer reviews. For example, when a new products gets launched in the market, it’s really easy for any customer to know about the drawbacks and advantage of the product by reading through the customer reviews on online shopping apps.

    However, their are some drawback associated with online shopping like, many unreliable sites cheat the customers with fake products or delivering products that are totally different from the original products which they promise to deliver.But these shopping apps provides good amount of job opening for people in different sectors like logistics, software development and so on. For example, shopping apps like Amazon and FlipKart are having huge employee base and also increasing the employees in order to provide delivery, maintain their huge warehouse and also enhance the software.

    To Summaries, these new trend in shopping has influenced people to buy products virtually and also opens a wide job opportunities for peoples in and around the glob with the drawback of impacting

    the business of in store shopping

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