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    April 18, 2022 at 10:01 AM

    There is no doubt that today numerous parents are sending their children to another country for getting higher education and it is becoming more and more common nowadays. while overseas education has some benefits and drawbacks. In this essay I shall analyse both perspectives.

    the two main advantages of foreign education are overseas experience which helps them in getting a good job and it helps students to be self-dependent. firstly, many employers consider international exposure a positive aspect and therefore they believe person who has qualified from good university in a developed country is capable of working in diverse work space. Secondly, being alone in a country makes a student self-reliant in terms of making important decisions. For example, in a foreign country, they have to manage all the tasks like cooking, laundry and cleaning their own. thus, it makes them more flexibility to adapt the change.

    however, overseas education has some disadvantages. firstly, it can affect students psychologically, as studying alone in unfamiliar culture can lead to homesickness or even depression. apart from this, it creates financial burden over parents and students. although overseas education is good but it is expensive at the same time. For instance, some students take heavy educational loans for such opportunities and after the end of their education, they have to re pay the loan amount.

    To summarise, every coin has two sides, both opportunities and limitations. Studying abroad has also both benefits and drawbacks. It is upon the individual who needs to check their options and make a prudent decision

    word count : 258

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