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  • Sherry

    April 18, 2022 at 7:58 PM

    It is certainly true that studying foreign educational establishments is getting popular nowadays. However not all the effects of this phenomenon have been positive although there are certainly some disadvantages.

    So here I, begin with the advantages parents are free-minded and let their off-springs migrate abroad and think this can expand better education and future prospectus. Due to this, it can develop a good bond with the foreign culture and western standard of living. Although there are many Universities in Europe, parents spend their earnings on their kids to develop their better education. Migrating to European countries is a good choice as this can progress in earning high-paid jobs with good working, language, and software skills.

    For example, Children who get graduated from Stanford University get selection by International Companies, this is an advantage of studying at international universities.

    On the other hand, few parents are often worried if their kids will feel homesick when they are away from them. When they get detached from them and migrate to other countries for their higher education. Few of them are worried if their kids get addicted to bad habits like smoking, drinking, and intake of drugs. Parents are anxious about the social discrimination faced in society. Furthermore, sending kids, especially females can be considered an unsafe act in conservative land like Saudi Arabia.

    Hence, there are advantages and disadvantages to the given phenomena. Allowing their kids to abroad is completely dependent upon the parent’s mentality.

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