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  • Vikaram Jeet

    April 19, 2022 at 7:24 AM

    Dear Mr. Manager,

    I am writing here to inform you about one of the problems faced by me and my family. I have been living in apartment number 204-A. One of our neighbours who is living next to us is fond of music and listens the loud music every night.

    My father is a problem of sleep disorder, and my mother is a patient of hypertension and due to the noisy music, they feel uncomfortable and cannot sleep. Furthermore, when I come to the home after a hectic schedule in the workplace, I want a relaxing environment to calm my body and mind but on account of this high-volume sound, I cannot do it.

    Considering the relationship with them, I do not want to lodge a police complaint and would like to request you to kindly do the needful to resolve this issue. I am looking forward to hear from you and expect a positive response from your side.


    Best Regards,

    Your tenants

    Mr. X

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