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  • isha

    April 19, 2022 at 10:50 AM


    I’m writing this mail(message/letter) to express my discontent with my new neighbor ( who is living in 310 B). He likes to listen(to) loud rap music after 12 PM(midnight)

    These are new(don’t use new) bachelors who has(have) rented the first floor.Previously, in that flat lived a nice family, which were noiseless(Not the right use of words)) and it was a pleasure to have such neighbor. Please understand my frustration when I and my wife with 2 years old son(my wife and I along with our toddler) are trying to sleep and hear a bass / huge noise coming from(the) next flat. Noisy laughing also coming some times. My son was crying hearing the noise for last two days(For the past two days, my son has been crying every time he heard the noise) .Moreover my wife is a migraine patient who can’t tolerate loud noises. (the)Doctor also suggested he(she) needs a sound sleep at night without any disturbance

    Grammatical errors, right choice of words, and few lines are not required ,for e.g ,writing about previous neighbors.

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