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  • Siri

    April 20, 2022 at 11:37 PM

    Human activities indeed affecting the plant and animal species in many ways. Few people believe it’s too late to take any action. While, other group of people believe that there’s a chance of retrieving back everything that has been lost by taking necessary meausures. In the following paragraphs, I would like to balance both views by giving relevant examples.

    To commence with, Human activities are indeed causing negative effects to the plant and animal species. Deforestation which is done by the forest department in order to build a modern society, is causing a major threat to the endangered plant and animal species. The increase in pollution in the city by using motor vehicles is causing a negative effect on the living species. Due to the death of many plant species in the cities, the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are degrading which are very essential for the survival of living species. For example, in recent studies on plant and animal species have shown that, human activities are one of the main reasons causing threat to the plant and animal species. They have also found that it indirectly effects the humans in many ways.

    However, by taking necessary actions on plant and animal species, it is possible to change the current scenario. Government should take appropriate measures by cooperating with NGO’s to bring back the situation to normal. A guideline must be provided for setting up an industry, providing information on releasing the toxins in the atmosphere. Awareness programs on the importance of living plants and animals should be conducted in public places. For instance, “Go Green” program which is very popular in India is a step towards promoting the green lifestyle to protect the plant species, which indirectly protects the animal species as well.

    On the whole, in my opinion by taking appropriate measures with the help of government and NGO’s ,it is possible to change the negative effects on the living species.

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