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  • Sarthak

    April 22, 2022 at 5:49 PM

    The two maps depict the major changes that have occurred in the village of Ryemouth between 1995 and the present.

    Overall, the core of Ryemouth has stayed constant in size and position, although the extension of its road network and housing estate has resulted in the replacement of fishing facilities, agricultural land or woods with property development and recreational amenities.. for the time period that was chosen

    Apartments flanked the road heading northwest to southeast in 1995. To the northeast, there was a large tract of farmland near to a forest park. On the southern banks, there was a fishing port, and to the north, along the road running west to east, opposite a row of stores, was a fish market. A hotel and a café were separated at the southeast corner by the west-east road.

    Clearly, the settlement has changed significantly over the years, as seen by the fact that the layout is completely different now. There is a golf course and a tennis court in the northeastern section, which used to be farmland and forest parks. Additionally, a new road has been constructed near the residential area, and it appears as though additional housing has been constructed. The business has been transformed into a restaurant, and the fish market into apartments. Additionally, the fishing port has been demolished and replaced with a new parking lot adjacent to the hotel. The café outside the hotel is the only thing that has remained unchanged.

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