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  • Kapil

    April 26, 2022 at 10:00 AM

    In this era, Education become essential for students where they learned about the history, science and many other languages but they never get chance to work for society which is also one of the requirements for the human being to serve the nations. I completely agree with this statement. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall discuss about the social work should be in curriculam on the mandatory basis for the pupils.

    It is a great opportunity for the young generation to learn about to do something for the needy people where they learn many things which is not included in the course. Now a days, They become bookish so don’t have the knowledge about the reality of the society. If schools organise some events where they can aid to poor people, It will be high time to learn time management, discipline, empathy and so on, Which will be help to them in exposure of their personality and career.

    Everyone have the responsibility to contribute to country and if person learn from the early age, It will become habitual for them. So it is not required to teach them separately for how to help the people in the critical situations but they automatically adopt this culture. For example, Sweden government introduced a subject ‘Social Help’ in which students have to spend 10 hours per week to support some one and make a thesis about the experience. Presently Sweden become one of the peaceful country in the world because they learned from the beginning to help to each other.

    To conclude, Education is not only to teach students about the huge number of subjects but they should be include some extra activity in the course which teach human ethics to the children.

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