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  • Arun

    April 26, 2022 at 10:21 AM

    It is opined that voluntary work should be a mandatory part of high school curriculum. This essay totally agrees with that statement. I believe that these students will in future make some fine educated citizens one day by taking part in these activities as education deals more with technical aspects while activities like these cultivate humanitarian values in their adolescent minds.

    One of the main reasons, I feel there is a greater need to this cause is that these skills they acquire during these activities make them emotionally very resilient in their early years and prepares them for the real world events and their career. For example, I personally volunteered to spend 5 weeks in the winter of 2019 in eastern Europe teaching Spoken English and technology to disadvantaged children and this was after I had done my graduation which led to a much higher work ethic and a feeling of how eternal bliss for the things that I had taken for granted when I returned to my life. Nowadays most employers are also looking for potential candidates who not only fit in the right job criteria but also have a proven track record in these selfless activities which give them a greater advantage when this humanitarian skill is also weighed in during the hiring process.

    Another main reason, I support this above statement is because I strongly believe education is not only just learning of facts but also it’s training of the mind to think which means that the youth of tomorrow should not only understand how the world works around them but also should learn to respect their elderly and understand their fellow beings. Because if not for today’s adults tomorrow’s youth will cease to exist.

    In conclusion, I am firmly convinced that these volunteer work as a part of their curriculum should not be overlooked. They not only build up mental and psychological resilience in these students but also hone their professional skills in the long run.

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