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  • Falak

    April 28, 2022 at 11:35 PM

    high school curriculam (curriculum)

    To commence with (,)this will help the students

    this will help them in their higher studies for social project in which work you have done accordingly (meaning is not justified)

    For Example (,) I personally volunteered for 2 months

    However (Moreover,) this will develop a good friendly environment with each other -faulty use of cohesive device.

    various initiative(s) by organising events

    To conclude (,) that doing community service

    but also professional life also. (repetitive usage of words, distorting the meaning)

    Feedback : Lack of lexical resources. Be careful with the usage of punctuation. Sentence structure needs strong consideration.

    Keep writing!!

    Band: 2/6

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