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  • isha

    April 29, 2022 at 3:04 PM

    In this fast-paced world, the number of international products which are available for the citizens has become increasingly popular. Some establishments strive to maintain national items, but(the) process is complex and hard due to the variety. Now the sea and air transport have allowed supermarkets to import from all over the world. Social media is one of the reasons for supermarkets’ to sell international brands. Particularly youths have a large demand for international brands. As a result, an individual living in Bangalore can eat fruits made in other countries. If they like that product, then necessity of that product will increase.

    This may affect the local farmers and local manufacturers, as l (I not required)producers must now compete with large companies. Moreover, these international brands come up with huge discounts, so consumers naturally buy the cheaper products, and the result is that local farmers often cannot survive without government subsidies or must close their operations.

    Many jobs depend on food exports, and some less developed countries may even depend on this trade for economic survival. In spite of this, the importance of developing local trade should not be undervalued.

    In conclusion, the government should support the local farmers by selling products and levying marginal excise duties on international arrivals. Hence, both can sustain.


    Words in bold and bracket are corrections.

    Essay format is not right .Introduction is merging with body paragraph.

    Grammatical errors: Articles, subject verb agreement and prepositions.

    Band Score – 3.5/6

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