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  • Falak

    May 2, 2022 at 12:42 PM

    spending on fast foods, (such as) hamburger, fish & chips and pizza

    millions (million pounds)

    Hamburger (was) consumed mostly by the high and average income earners (which) was 46 and 33 millions respectively.

    later on (While) hamburger consumption was reduced 3/4 by lower income groups – It is static graph , so “later on” may not be justified.

    it stood (at the expenditure of) 25 (million pounds) in the consumption of average income but only 16 (million pounds) to the high income group.

    spent lessor (lesser) amount

    Feedback : Be careful while writing the units of measurements. Comparison and grouping of data has been done nicely.

    Band: 2/3

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