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  • Lavina

    May 6, 2022 at 2:01 PM

    The map describes the development of the village of Ryemouth between 1995 and the present. Overall, the village has witnessed changes like residential areas, hotels, and a tennis court.

    In the year 1995, towards the northern part, the land is covered with farmlands and forest areas, the village had a road that divides the west side which is reserved for housing, to the east side which is the green land. The same road connects to the southern of the village which has all the shops, fish markets, cafés, and hotels that are built parallel to the south road.

    At present, the village has experienced major changes like the number of houses has increased, the forest park has been converted into a tennis court and golf area, and in the southern part, we see the shops, fish markets, and fishing port have been eliminated and the area is now occupied by restaurants and apartments. The hotel has its own car parking built adjacent to it, while we see no changes in the cafeteria zone. It is observed a significant transformation in the village since 1995.

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