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    May 7, 2022 at 9:06 PM

    The given maps illustrate different changes that have taken place in the village of Ryemouth since 1995.

    Overall, from 1995 to present, the village has seen spectacular developments. Furthermore, the principal changes have been the addition of gold course, tennis court, restaurants and apartments.

    In 1995, The village was divided in two parts by a path perpendicular to road which was running from south eastern region to south west region across the sea. the north eastern side of village have farmland and forest park. In the south eastern region, there was a hotel, alongside the road and a café, which was located to the right of the sea. In the centre of the sea, there was a fishing port. In the north west region, houses were there on the left and right of the path, and lastly in the south western corner there were shops on left side of the path and fish market which was located to left of the sea.

    There have been some changes, which can be seen in the village now. Firstly, the farmland and forest park in north eastern have been replaced by golf course and tennis court, a car parking has been constructed on the right side of the hotel in south east. Secondly, the shops which were situated in south west region has been demolished and restaurants have been built there. Thirdly, fishing port which was located at centre of the sea has been removed and fish market which was located at south west corner has been replaced by restaurants. Finally, the path which has divided village into two parts has been extended towards west side of the village and more houses have been built on the left side of extended path

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