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    May 8, 2022 at 12:17 AM

    The diagrams explain the life cycle of specific specie of fish known as Salmon.

    Overall, it shows that salmon develops in three different stages from a fry to and adult salmon. At the same time, the size of salmon also changes in every stage.

    In the first step, eggs of salmon are laid in upper slowing river along with small stones and reeds. Eventually, after 5-6 months, they evolve into fry. Generally, fry is around 3-8 cm in length. In the next step, they migrate to lower fast flowing river. In about 4 years they enlarge as a Molt.

    Furthermore, the molt which is approximately 12-15 cm in size relocate to open sea and mature as an adult Salmon in around 5 years. The size of a mature salmon is around 70-76 cm. At last, adult and fully grown up salmon travels back to upper slowing river for laying eggs.

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