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  • Kapil

    May 8, 2022 at 1:14 AM

    In today’s world, it is responsibility of nation to help others in crucial situation. It is considered by some people; they should avoid financial support to others because firstly they should spend on their own society to solve the problem of workforce and streeties which are the major issue for the country. Both are directly impact on the economy. I completely agree with this statement. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall discuss in details with examples.

    Nowadays, due to huge number of populations and lack of job vacancies, it becomes difficult to survive for many. Firstly, they could not afford the higher education for their children. Secondly, because of the absence of the work sometime individual feel depress and they get addicted with some bad habits, thereby, they make crime and the rate of violation is getting increase. It is liability of authority to create opening in the market. i.e., Presently the economy of Sri Lanka has touched to down in compare to past and majority don’t have enough amount to buy groceries because government could not create new vacancies for the local people.

    Home is essential part of the human for living with their family, but today a plethora of people have to sleep on street due to the lack of space in the city. So, ministry should launch project of home for the poor.

    There are many examples of developed countries who helped to under developed nation but doesn’t get positive result. For example, United states had provided financial support to Afghanistan for 20 years, but because of corruption the money only reach to the politician. Civilization don’t get any benefits so their situation didn’t improve.

    To conclude, government should focus to resolve the problems of their own citizen instead of aid to others because in the critical situation developing country might not offer any help.

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