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  • Kapil

    May 8, 2022 at 11:30 PM

    In this era, businesses and consumers influenced by the new innovative technology which create a major impact on the eco system. It is considered by some people, minimize the wrapper on the product is the duty of manufacturers & supermarkets while there are others who think, customers should accept the items in the normal package. I reckon, it is liability of both parties to take necessary action towards to solve the packaging problems. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall discuss both views with examples.

    Generally, industrialist look forward to grow their business in any cost, so the marketing team always interested to know the taste of the consumers and they develop plan to make attractive item which has power to engaged the buyers. For instance, the packet of chip which is wrapped by the large paper ware but it contains small amount of quantity, if they use cheap quality of cover then it might be effect on the sell. So, it becomes mandatory for them to prepare well looking stock to trade.

    At the other hand, there is customer demand to buy fair items because people determine fascinating products from glance point of view instead of quality. i.e., young generation stare the dairy milk chocolate which is made by Cadbury, because it is wrapped inside the golden paper with beautiful pictures otherwise the test is not worth of the price. So, due to the trend of show off, individually don’t accept the poor packaging.

    There are number of solutions if it is accepted by the human kind to solve this issue such as item should be packing with the eco-friendly materials which help to save the trees and environment.

    On balance, make change in the society is not responsibility of one but it can happen through to take initiative by everyone in the nation.

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