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  • Sugandha

    May 10, 2022 at 6:56 AM

    It is arguable that whether voluntary social services such as donations, working for surrounding communities, training youth in various sports activities should be mandatory for high school students or not. I strongly agree that it should be a part of curriculum because it will not only give them better job opportunities but will also lead to overall community development.

    Firstly, in the age of cut-throat competition it is not a piece of cake to get a good job just on the basis of personal competencies and talents, what today’s companies look for in prospective candidates is how actively they are engaged in other social activities apart from focusing on their ambitions, as a result if high school graduates would work in different unpaid community programmes right from the beginning then it would aid them in building strong and effective resume ,consequently, providing greater chances of being selected . For an instance, one of my friend got hired in a big company while she was volunteering in Blood donation camp because that big company was sponsoring this event so they hired some of the volunteers whose record showed that they were participating in other programmes too.

    Secondly, involving students in social programmes will help in making them a responsible citizens which will ultimately result in all round development of society, owing to the fact that when they will get a chance to deal with different age groups, they will learn moral and ethical values and become more empathetic to needs of others rather than being self-centred ,for example while involving with children they will learn how to be caring and acting mature , on the other hand dealing with elder people will make them inherit basic values and beliefs and community progresses when we move together instead of walking alone.

    To conclude, making volunteer activities a compulsory part of High-school education will not only prove beneficial for students but also for people around them.

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