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  • harshavarma

    May 10, 2022 at 9:50 AM

    Few individuals feel that the goal of education is to make students to become helpful for the public. Others think that education must be beneficial for themselves to achieve their career goals. Education plays a key role in developing society. This essay discusses about how education impacts humanity, how it helps individuals and conclusion with my opinion.

    Education gives broad knowledge, which can be applied in real life and also they contribute directly and indirectly to the community. Practical skills learned from schools and colleges can be applied to actual problems. For example, maintaining the proper level of water in tank at home is difficult, professionals can solve this issue by attaching water level detection sensor inside the tank which helps in reducing a lot of water wastage. They are even contributing 30% of tax to the government, which is being used to develop the society.

    Education also helps in achieving their goal and they can look after their family. There are plenty of domains and fields available so, one can easily pick a path they are interested in and can start building their own career. It helps an individual to feed their family. For instance, the primary goal for a person from poor family is to get a job and help their dependents financially which can be possible through good education.

    In conclusion, education can be used on both sides. In my opinion, it is better to apply learning knowledge to real life problems and contributes to the development of the country.

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