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  • Bidush

    May 10, 2022 at 11:38 PM

    The four given line graphs show the quantities of good transported by the four different modes of transport during the year 1974-2002 in the UK.

    Overall,it is clearly seen that,through road transportation the highest quantities of good were deported during the above years while water transportation being second,rail transportation being third and pipeline transportation being fourth in transporting the goods during the above period.

    In the year 1974,around 5 million tonnes of the goods were transported by pipeline which was gradually increased to 25 million tonnes by the year 1982 and then it was eventually decreased down to around 20 million tonnes by the year 2002 whereas approx. 40 million tonnes of good were transported by rail during the years 1974-2002 while the amounts of goods transported by the water has seen a gradual increase and then decrease and then increase during the years 1974-2002 from around 40 million tonnes to around 60 million tonnes whereas the highest quantities of goods were transported by road as compared to the other modes of transportation from approx. 70 million tonnes in the year 1974 to around 100 million tonnes by the year 2002.

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