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  • Amit

    May 13, 2022 at 6:28 AM

    It is argued that the technology based learning is currently dominating in the medium of education and has passive impact on the upcoming generations who is pursuing their career using this method. However, there are also many benefits and considering globalisation and revolutions in this field it has become necessity to incorporate computer based education in teaching plan. This essay agrees that learning through digital platform is more advantageous.

    Firstly, it is quite evident that digital platform has connected the people across the world and anyone can enrol themselves in any educational program to learn and get certified from myriad of options. For example, while seating in India the student can learn Spanish from a native Spanish speaker. Secondly, this system based modern method also gives an opportunity to revise the document or material and disseminate it swiftly which is not achievable in physical education method where calling out the hard copies is time consuming and unattainable task. For instance, still schools and colleges are struggling to revise or correct the contents on physical books.

    However, some disagree and feel that technology may mislead the learner and can provide the incorrect information. The half knowledge or improper knowledge can create a massive issues and can cause a huge loss. Because of such incidents and technology related crimes only government accredited bodies are allowed to facilitate the machine based education.

    Having discussed the argument and counter argument, I would like to infer that computer based learning is worthwhile. Although, the learner needs to take extra precautions and have to ensure that they follow the authenticated platforms.

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