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  • Sugandha

    May 13, 2022 at 8:11 AM

    Dear Miss Jennifer

    I am writing this letter to express my thanks and informing you about my inability to return the book you gave to me two months back naming ” Ultimate Guide to Business Economics”, though I already completed my MBA degree last month.

    Admittedly, This book contained all the facts of business and economics which a student could think of, all the data is organized in a beautiful way.

    I must say that book actually justified its name in true sense, it was really a helping hand during my exams, moreover I learned so much new facts which has really enhanced my knowledge , in addition each topic is explained in clear and concise manner that reader needs to put no extra effort to absorb what is being taught.

    While taking book, I know I promised to return it within a month because it is the most demanding book that you already told me but unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances at home , I went out of town with my mother for a month, I really want to apologize for the inconvenience I might have caused to you because of being late in returning.

    I want to give book back now so please just let me know place and time as per your earliest convenience, so I might come.I look forward hearing from you.

    Many Thanks

    Sugandha Garg

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