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  • Ipshita

    May 16, 2022 at 9:40 PM

    Dear/ Respected Sir,

    As per your instruction, I am writing this letter to give you a brief idea about my academic qualification and the reason behind choosing XYZ course.

    I am Marina from ABC country. I have completed Under Graduation in Computer Systems and Design with 7.9 CGPA in 2022. My father is a retired service holder and my mother is a homemaker. I have an elder sibling who has completed his Masters in London and searching for a job at his location. My hobbies are chilling out with my friends in adventurous places and drawing. I am interested in playing around with data and finding insights from it. It is the future because everything deals with a piece of information. In today’s technology, we have many algorithms that can predict the future which can help people in business, weather forecasting, hospitals, retails and several other sectors. As I want to be a data scientist, that’s why I have chosen this course. It would be my pleasure to be your student.

    Thanks & Regards,


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