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  • Ashley

    May 17, 2022 at 12:49 PM

    Traffic congestions is considered to be the most common problem especially while we are commuting in bigger cities. This essay will explain the major hurdles faced by people while travelling in the huge metropolis and the lack of infrastructure facilities in which the government needs to improve in that by finding valuable suggestions and recommendations.

    The foremost problems faced by commuting in cities caused by parking issues are the people who park on wrong sides of the road as they need to go to the market purchase especially for household needs. As vehicles started to park on roads, this leads to the rise in traffic congestions. Furthermore, many people come from faraway places to visit these famous landmarks and often leads to these issues especially during festivals due to lack of proper planning. For example, Muhammed Ali Road in Mumbai often get jammed during Ramzan festivals as people park their vehicles improperly.

    Possible solutions to these problems would be the addition of parking facilities which is closer to these markets so that parking on roadside be free movement for traffic. If people started to follow these rules, that would not cause problems to others. Furthermore, odd and even rules, garages, remote spaces thereby reduce the growth of snarl up in populated area. For example, Delhi city has introduced the smart parking system in one of their metro stations and had become very easier for people to utilise these facilities.

    To conclude there are still facts in which parking woes can be solved. If the government and the people follow these observations on day to day basis, that helps further to get succeed.

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