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  • kunsoth

    May 17, 2022 at 1:49 PM

    In metropolitan cities, Traffic jam is the underlying vital issue that is experienced all the time. However, I believe that the increasing number of motor vehicles are highly responsible for these jams while the public transit is going through the worst conditions to tackle this situation. This essay will elucidate the root cause of increasing transportation block and the ways to mitigate these worsening conditions.

    The most significant source of Traffic bottleneck is the increment in the population of motor wagon owners. In other words, The car drivers find it convention to travel by car, rather than worrying to follow the strict public transport time table despite the fact that they still have to wait in long automobile queue during rush hours. For Instance, back from work I do not have to plan my ride on public transport and can leave at a sometimes since the frequency of traffic at certain times are extremely high. Thus , the comfortable feature of a car is a boon for its owner but a curse for the hams in urbans areas.

    The most prominent solution to tackle this challenge is pack and -ride-scheme. In this, people have to park their vehicle at the city outskirt while travelling to the remaining destination in the city via public transit which is quite affordable. In a survey, It had been recorded that this plan has been implemented in the north of Essex city which bolstered the drop in traffic by 10% will decrease while imposed on the south of the city. Therefore, this scheme proves to be an efficient remedy available to relieve the continuously increasing traffic.

    In conclusion, the park of the car at the city fringes while using city amenities to reach the remaining destination seems a viable strategy to lessen the automobile drivers within the city. Ultimately, these steps can not only mitigate the out of hold situation but will also provide decrement in polluting bodies.

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